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PwC target Musculoskeletal Injuries with office ergonomics software

Is office ergonomics just about avoiding injuries? No… it’s also about making organizations more successful.

What is Office Ergonomics Software?

Top tips for a comfortable workstation

Study: Benefits of workplace wellness programs underwhelming

Stretch Break software offers valuable protection for home workers

We have seen a dramatic increase in web inquiries about Wellnomics stretch break software (which used to be called WorkPace ) in this new working from home world.

I thought I'd share our thoughts on where this interest is coming from as these are pressing concerns for all large organizations right now.

What can rain forests teach organizations about re-designing workplaces for a world with Covid-19?

The plants species within rain forests spread themselves out through the forest to improve resistance to pathogens. Maybe there is a lesson in their strategy for organizations that need to return to normal operations in a way that is resistant to Covid-19

Wellnomics new sit-stand desk sensor for Varidesk converters- available late 2020

Here’s a quick demo of our cool new sit-stand sensor - available late 2020.
The sensor attaches easily to most desk converters, such as the Varidesk, turning them into a “smart-desk” that integrates with Wellnomics software on the PC/laptop.

An ironing board is not an ergonomic sit-stand desk

For ergonomists, human factors experts and health and safety practicioners, with careers dedicated to ergonomic assessments and improving office ergonomics, it’s alarming to read the daily LinkedIn feed with pictures of the ingenious home office setups being used around the world.