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Study shows working from home a ‘pain the back’

Working from home has meant an extra 4 hrs sitting a day this study reckons. And where are people doing their working from home? You'd be surprised (or perhaps not surprised) to find its mostly NOT at a desk. Some perhaps predicable, but nevertheless rather concerning findings for those responsible for health and wellbeing of remote working employees.

Computer use does not cause RSI

You’re not going to get RSI​ from office work. But you could get CPS!

Modern computer use does not cause RSI.
The forces are two small
The repetition is too low
What people experience is not best described as an "injury".
What computer use causes is CPS!

Recommendations for using sit-stand workstations correctly

If your organization is implementing sit-stand workstations, you'd be wise to consider the latest research findings about how to make adjustable height standing desk / sit-stand workstations truly effective.

Top 10 Myths about RSI in Computer Users

A great deal of misunderstanding exists about what Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) actually is, and what really causes it for computer users. Here are 10 of the most common RSI myths and misconceptions associated with computer use.

The problems with assessing the causality of musculoskeletal disorders

What is ‘Contact Stress’​ and is it really an issue for office workers?

Organizations must protect their staff data privacy – while improving office ergonomics

We need to talk about psychosocial risk factors

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