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Micro-break & stretch break coaching tool

Thousands of organizations worldwide trust Wellnomics Office Stretches Break software to reduce workplace RSI and Musculoskeletal injuries. Multiple scientific studies and over 60 ergonomic software pilots in North America, Europe and Australasia have shown Wellnomics take a break reminder app software increases productivity and significantly reduces RSI complaints among office workers.

Most office computer users will experience RSI or musculoskeletal injury from sustained use of computers in their career. These ergonomic issues can do long term damage to office workers while costing organizations millions of dollars in lost productivity and avoidable workplace injury claims.

Most of these workstation injuries can be avoided by installing Wellnomics stretch break software onto an organizations PCs. Wellnomics® Stretch-Break tool is proven to create sustainable computer user behavioral changes among office workers, reducing RSI complaints by up to 60% and increasing office worker productivity by up to 10%.

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Reduction in fatigue, ergonomic issues and discomfort from computer use
Improved wellbeing, concentration, accuracy and productivity
Less time off work due to RSI, musculoskeletal injury or ill-health
Reduction in RSI or musculoskeletal injury claims
Reduced absenteeism due to RSI, musculoskeletal injury or ill-health
Increased productivity (A TNO Research Institute study on 240 office workers found a 13%-21% increase in keystrokes and a 2% increase in typing accuracy from using Wellnomics Stretch Break reminder app)
Team level reporting on computer use and workstation stretch-break compliance
Compliance with office health and safety requirements for office workers
Workplace stretching reminders

How does Wellnomics Stretch-Break software work?

Wellnomics unique stretch break software runs in the background on each office worker’s desktop, monitoring their computer use, when and how often they take workplace stretch breaks. The stretching at work software then provides on screen ergonomic stretches training, with stretch break and exercise reminders tailored to each office worker’s needs to reduce their RSI and musculoskeletal injury risk.

On screen "take a quick break" reminder app

Micro break reminders for computer users

Wellnomics (WorkPace) is a fully interactive stretching reminder app which monitors your computer use and, when required, provides an on screen stretch reminder to the user to take a "micropause" to prevent any ergonomic issues or musculoskeletal injury from computer over use.
Exactly how often the micro break stretch reminders occur will depend on your WorkPace settings and your work practices. Even with the same stretching app settings there can be variation in how often micro-breaks are prompted. Many people will only see a few micro break reminders an hour to prevent ergonomic issues. This is because WorkPace detects natural pauses in your work and resets the micro pause timer. However, in times when you are working very intensively, perhaps towards a deadline, you may be taking less natural computer stretch breaks, meaning that you will be interrupted more often by WorkPace stretch break reminders.

All Wellnomics office ergonomics software apps are developed in accordance with industry accepted human factors and office ergonomics guidelines and international best practice.

Hourly reminder app tells you to take a stretch break

Stretch Break reminders for computer users

Wellnomics (WorkPace) fully interactive ergonomics software monitors computer use and when required to prevent ergonomic issues it provides a reminder to the user to take a stretch break to allow muscles to relax and rejuvenate.

How often you see a WorkPace stretch break reminder will depend upon both your WorkPace stretch break app settings and how intensively you are using your computer. If you regularly take stretch breaks of 4 – 5 mins away from the computer WorkPace will detect this stretching at work and reset the stretch break app timer. This means that with a stretch break interval of say 45 mins you may still be able to work an eight-hour day at the computer without seeing more than 1 or 2 reminders from the take a break app. Some people whose computer work is naturally interrupted by lots of stretch breaks hardly ever see a Break. On the other hand, if you have a particularly intensive day on the computer during which you rarely stand or take a stretch break, then you will see far more stretch break reminder warnings than normal.

All Wellnomics office ergonomics software apps are developed in accordance with industry accepted human factors and office ergonomics guidelines and international best practice.

Monitoring office worker stretching

Live feedback on computer use and stretch breaks

Large organizations need their office computer users to take responsibility for improving their own human factors and ergonomics health-related behaviors. Wellnomics Stretch-Break software helps them do this by providing live feedback on screen for computer users on their daily working patterns and performance on office stretches. Giving computer users this real time feedback via the Wellnomics stretching app interface encourages them to increase their workplace stretches to combat human factors and ergonomic issues.

Exercises and stretches to rejuvenate muscles

On screen stretch coaching

To help your users gain the greatest wellbeing benefits from their stretch break reminders, Wellnomics provides helpful guidance on the best exercises and office stretches to protect and rejuvenate muscles affected by office work. The workplace stretches demonstrated by the on screen stretch break reminders in WorkPace are based on global best practice office ergonomics guidelines.

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Wellnomics WorkPace is a Multi lingual, multi platform stretch break ergonomics software app. Wellnomics Stretch Break reminder software is available in 12 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, French, and Arabic. The office stretch break software is available for both Windows and Linux.