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Our Mission

Wellnomics mission is to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of computer users around the world through the development of innovative human factors and ergonomics software solutions.

We are world leaders in the development of ergonomic software solutions that create better ergonomics in the workplace for office workers, with over 1 million users worldwide.

Many of our customers are the worlds’ largest corporations who, as certified ISO 45001 employers, are committed to providing ergonomically safe and healthy workplaces for their employees.

Wellnomics software and apps cover workstation ergonomic assessment, office ergonomics training, stretching at work app, posture reminders, stand up app, ergonomic guidelines, monitoring of computer use, risk reporting and sit stand desk coaching.

Wellnomics unique suite of tools enable employers to achieve ISO 45001 certification.

Available in 12 languages our ergonomics in the workplace solutions support global corporate implementations of up to 100,000 ergonomic workstation users.

Our products are scientifically validated and underpinned by sound research and office ergonomic guidelines. At any one time Wellnomics is involved with numerous human factors and ergonomics scientific studies, on computer use in the office environment around the world. This extensive office ergonomics research allows Wellnomics to make a measurable improvement to health and safety outcomes and ensure we provide our clients with tangible returns on investment in ergonomics measures.

Founded in 1997 Wellnomics sells ergonomic workspace software and apps throughout North America, Europe and Australasia. Our clients range from single users to large corporations, including Global 1000 organizations including Intel, Philips, Boeing, Chevron, Shell, BP, ING Bank, KPMG, PWC, Cap Gemini, Nike, and Eli Lilly.

All Wellnomics office ergonomics software and apps adhere to accepted office ergonomics guidelines around ergonomics in the workplace, workplace stretches, posture reminders, home office ergonomics, stretching at work, ergonomic workstations, stretching apps and other ergonomic issues.

Ready to take your company’s ergonomics in the workplace and wellbeing to the next level?

Wellnomics unique human factors and ergonomics system is transforming the way people work forever.