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Ergonomic workspace assessments for office or home workers

Simple online workplace human factors and ergonomics assessments

Wellnomics remote workplace ergonomics assessment tool enables office workers, particularly those working from home during Covid-19, to complete a workstation human factors and ergonomics assessment, including general office ergonomics setup, posture and computer workstation assessments and more online.

The remote office or home office ergonomics assessment is based on the very latest research and accepted office ergonomic guidelines.

The ergonomics assessment complies with office health and safety guidelines in most countries. The self-assessment provides office workers with advice on adjusting their workspace, and highlights to the manager any individuals that may require extra help from an ergonomic consultant or particular ergonomic equipment including ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mouse, ergonomic office chair or other help.

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Helping remote workers with their office ergonomic setup

Online Self-Assessment on human factors and ergonomics

With Wellnomics workplace ergonomic assessment, each employee in your organization will be prompted to complete an online ergonomic self-assessment questionnaire covering all the key areas of human factors, posture and ergonomics risk:

Screen ergonomic setup (location and height)
Eyesight, use of glasses
Neck/shoulder workstation posture ergonomics (neck flexion, shoulder tension)
Laptop ergonomics (use of and ergonomic position)
Typing style human factors and ergonomics (from touch typist to 'two fingered' typist)
Documents (use of and location)
Document holder ergonomics (use of, type and location)
Normal gaze direction (keyboard, screen and document holder)
Desk human factors and ergonomics (height, thickness, and adjustability)
Chair human factors and ergonomic setup (height and adjustability)
Identifying human factors and ergonomic issues

Individual Workstation Ergonomic Risk Report

Once the online workplace human factors and ergonomics questionnaire is completed, each employee receives an online report showing their ergonomics risk rating and a list of recommended ergonomic setup actions with instructions on making adjustments to their workstation setup or posture.

Manage ergonomics assessments across the organization

Workplace Ergonomic Assessment Management Reports

Management reports allow you to view the results of all ergonomic workplace assessments within your team or organization. You can see the top human factors and ergonomic risk factors, a list of the top ergonomic setup recommendations for your organization and your employees requiring further help from an ergonomic consultant.

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The remote Posture and Workstation Ergonomics and Human Factors Assessment is part of the Wellnomics Management Reporting solution. Data from this ergonomic assessment is combined with other assessments (such as Symptoms, Psychosocial Factors and Measurement of Computer Use and Breaks) to calculate overall ergonomic and human factors risk levels for employees, including home workers, and the organization.