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Wellnomics Sit Stand app coaching tool

Sit-stand height adjustable desks are a global ergonomic wellness trend that offers office workers and home workers huge reductions in human factors and ergonomics issues – if used to facilitate regular movement between sitting and standing during the working day.

The key to unlocking the ergonomic and human factors benefits of standing desks is regular transition between sit and stand. Sadly most desks get left in either the sit or stand position. Sitting all day is bad for your health and well-being. Standing all day is even worse. There are now a range of stand up apps that give desk workers hourly posture reminders to stand up or sit down.

Wellnomics produces the most advanced stand up reminder app available. Wellnomics sit stand desk software connects wirelessly to your PC, provides posture reminders on screen to sit or stand that are driven by your actual sit stand behavior. It also allows you to control the height adjustable desk from your keyboard to enable easier transition when you get the on-screen posture reminders.

To help your organization unlock the ergonomic benefits of your sit-stand height adjustable desks, Wellnomics have developed unique sit-stand coaching software that actively monitors and guides sit stand desk users towards optimal posture transitions.

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Friendly posture change reminders on your PC screen indicating when to stand or sit throughout the day.
With a single keystroke, Wellnomics automatically moves your electric height adjustable desk to the next correct setting for you.
Posture change coaching is tailored to the individual sit stand desk user and their actual desk use.
Wellnomics remembers your ergonomic correct desk-height setting (sit & stand) and this ergonomic desk setup follow your login when hot desking. or hotelling
Posture reminder app pop-ups on screen show your time standing and calories burned against sit-stand best practice
Wellnomics Sit-Stand posture reminder app works with any height adjustable workstation.
Benefits of using Wellnomics Sit-Stand desk reminder app

For office workers and sit stand desk home workers during Covid-19

Sitting all day at your workstation can cause serious human factors and ergonomics issues and illness. This risk has grown with so many office workers working from home during Covid-19. Millions of people are moving to sit stand height adjustable desks to protect their wellbeing and to get the best from their investment they are also looking for stand up reminder apps. Wellnomics is the most advanced sit stand coaching app software which helps you get the greatest health and ergonomic wellness benefits from your new sit stand desk by coaching you to use it correctly in real-time.

Reduced ergonomic and human factors risks from sedentary behavior (sitting too long ). Particularly when working from home.
Reduced risk of ergonomic issues from standing too long.
Improved worker concentration, improved accuracy and workforce productivity
Less time off work due to ergonomic issues and ill-health being avoided.
Organisational benefits for using sit stand reminder software during Covid-19

Improve Workforce Productivity with Wellnomics Sit-Stand

Using standing desks properly can make your workforce more healthy, alert and high performing. This is particularly important during Covid 19 with so many people working remotely from home. Wellnomics sit / stand up app reminder software coaches your workforce to properly use their sit stand desks, unlocking the full organizational gains. Wellnomics stand up reminders get standing desk users transitioning between postures at the optimal frequency every 30 minutes. This regular movement between desk postures during the working day has been proven by research to significantly enhance alertness and cognitive function.

Reduction in injury claims from regular movement with on screen posture reminders
Increased productivity resulting from improved human factors and ergonomics
Reduced absenteeism due to reduced workplace ergonomics issues and ill health
Team level reporting on Sit-Stand height adjustable desk use
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