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Improving ergonomics in the workplace and the home office

Remote office workstation ergonomics training online

Wellnomics ergonomic workplace software provides web-based training courses on office ergonomics to enable office workers and home workers to avoid human factors and ergonomics issues. The online ergonomics training takes the office worker through a full ergonomics checklist with ergonomic tips that will help the officer worker avoid RSI and musculoskeletal injuries. The remote course on office ergonomic guidelines takes just 15-20 minutes to complete. It educates office workers on the many human factors and ergonomics risks in their working or home working environment and teaches them how to achieve an optimal workstation ergonomic setup.

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Remote office ergonomics training for Covid-19 working from home

Interactive graphics make online ergonomic workspace training fun and effective

With so many employees working from home with Covid-19, organisations need to ensure that their office workers receive training that is effective at engaging people with the ergonomics checklist of measures that can protect them from RSI and musculoskeletal injuries.
The interactive ergonomic workspace graphics within Wellnomics online ergonomics training help office workers to adjust their workstation ergonomic setup in an enjoyable virtual environment, and learn why some workstation setups are better than others. The remote ergonomic workspace training is designed to hold attention and maximize retention of learning of office ergonomic tips and guidelines.

Interactive online training in office ergonomic guidelines

Wellnomics training covers all essential human factors and ergonomic topics

Human factors and ergonomic risks in office workplaces
Adjustment of ergonomic chairs and ergonomic desks
Achieving ergonomically good posture
Correct ergonomic setup of screen, keyboard and mouse
Correct ergonomic use of laptops
Importance of taking office stretches breaks
Improving workplace lighting, temperature and noise levels
Ensuring learning of the office ergonomics checklist

Section quizzes verify human factors and ergonomic workplace learning has taken place

With so much working from home during Covid-19, large office employers need to ensure that their people are receiving and completing remote online human factors and ergonomics training.
A short quiz on office ergonomics guidelines at the end of each training section checks that staff have learned and understood the key human factors and ergonomics points.

Ensure remote office ergonomic workspace training is completed

Report shows who has completed their online human factors and ergonomics training

It is hugely helpful for large organizations, particularly organizations seeking to achieve ISO 45001 status, to have accurate reporting on the completion of ergonomics in the workplace training. To give organizations confidence that training has been undertaken, Wellnomics reports show you who has completed the remote ergonomics training and who hasn’t. Your organization can then choose to send reminders to staff who haven’t yet completed the ergonomic workspace training.

Training to meet your workers or Covid-19 home workers needs

Ergonomic workspace training content can be customized to your needs

If your organization has special training requirements, particularly during Covid-19 with your workforce working remote from home, Wellnomics can customize ergonomics guidelines and training to suit your organization’s needs.

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Multi lingual, multi platform ergonomics software. Wellnomics Stretch Break is available in 12 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, French, and Arabic. The software is available for both Windows and Linux.