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All organizations want to improve their employees ergonomic wellbeing and reduce ergonomic risks posed by harmful workstation behaviors. But most organizations have no mechanisms in place to measure the computer use, sit-stand desk use or other ergonomics and human factors related behaviors of their office employees.

Wellnomics workplace risk management software provides organizational awareness of ergonomics issues with our Human Factors and Ergonomics Risk Management Reporting system.

Wellnomics Ergonomics Risk Management software is very simple to use. Managing workplace ergonomics assessments is a breeze; employees are automatically prompted and guided through their ergonomic assessments; managers can access simple reports on their staff completions of ergonomic assessments at the click of a mouse. From 50 employees up to 100,000, Wellnomics makes it easy to manage the ergonomic issues in your workplace.



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Ergonomic assessment data is automatically gathered from employee PCs
Each employee can see their own ergonomics and human factors risk profile
Managers can identify staff with human factors and ergonomic risks, and the causes of their risk
Overall team ergonomic wellbeing KPIs can be set and monitored in real time
Measure and manage workplace ergonomics training and assessments

Have staff completed ergonomics training and workstation assessments?

Many organizations require that their employees perform online workplace ergonomics assessments and ergonomics training as part of their office ergonomic risk management and compliance. Wellnomics Management Reporting allows office managers to see at a glance which teams within an organization are not compliant and have not completed their online ergonomic training and workplace ergonomic assessments.

Ergonomics performance at a glance

Simple, high level human factors and ergonomics risk KPIs

Many Wellnomics customers want to achieve or maintain their status as ISO 45001 certified employers. To manage their organizations ergonomic issues they need to have a simple, high-level summary KPI to reflect their various team's overall workplace ergonomic risks. Wellnomics provides organizations with a High, Medium, Low human factors and ergonomic risk summary figure for your team or organization. These KPIs help to focus organizational resources into improved office ergonomic guidelines and systems.

Prevention of individuals ergonomic issues is better than cure

Who are the staff at high risk of human factors and ergonomic issues?

Many Wellnomics customers want to achieve or maintain status as an ISO 45001 certified employers. This requires the organization providing strong ergonomic workstation support and ergonomics consultants to the individuals at the highest risk of human factors and ergonomics risk. Wellnomics Management Reporting allows managers to drill right down to see the ergonomics risk profile of individual workers so that they can channel the necessary office ergonomics guidelines, checklists, tips, training, solutions and support services to them.

Improve team ergonomics in the workplace

See how teams are performing on workstation ergonomics

For organizations wanting to achieve or maintain status as an ISO 45001 certified employers, competition between teams on standards of ergonomics in the workplace is a great way to get managers focused on improving human factors and workstation ergonomics behaviors. Wellnomics allows you to monitor teams office ergonomics individually and identify those teams needing intervention from ergonomic consultants.

Identifying the ergonomics issues

What are the most prevalent human factors and ergonomic risks in your organisation?

Every organization wants to create a safe workplace for its employees. But every workplace is different and presented different ergonomics issues. Wellnomics allows you to see the underlying human factors and ergonomics behavioral issues in your organization, refine your office ergonomics guidelines to address these and track progress on improving these.

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