Staff working from home?

Manage the wellbeing of your staff remotely
  • No idea if they’re working safely?
  • Worried about EHS for remote workers?
  • No $$ for ergonomic equipment for every home worker?

Wellnomics provides the peace-of-mind software solution you’re looking for.  With Wellnomics installed employees will work safely from anywhere, any time.  EHS and management will see a continuously updated picture of employee wellbeing across your organization.

Based upon the latest research on managing the health risks of office work whilst maximising employee performance.  Wellnomics provides OSH compliance whilst mitigating the negative effects of sedentary behaviour and extra long hours on the computer.

Combines the latest in remote monitoring technologies with stringent security and employee privacy.  ISO27002 and GDPR compliant.

Used by global organizations like Intel Corporation to look after millions of employees worldwide.

Let staff manage their own wellbeing - from anywhere
Perform remote assessments and training
Monitor the wellbeing and health of all staff, no matter where they work
Meet EHS obligations for all office workers - on-site or remote
Easily manage 100,000+ employees
Access employee/case data in a single place
Case Study

PwC targets musculoskeletal injuries with Wellnomics software

“Wellnomics has brought in a completely different and better way of looking at our people’s workplace well-being."

FREE online ergonomics training & assessment

COVID-19 work from home or self-isolation

Wellnomics are making our world leading ergonomics assessment and training tools available for FREE for those affected by COVID-19.

Online workstation assessment – for home offices
Manage your team remotely – with a group account
World’s leading

Sit stand coaching tool

Unlock the wellbeing benefits of sit-stand desks with software that actively coaches users towards optimal use. Research by Texas A&M University shows Wellnomics software doubles sit-stand desk use.

Sit stand coaching optimized in real time to user
Software monitors and adapts to actual use of sit stand desk
Desk settings (sit and stand heights) follow hot desking user
Provides real time sit stand use data for management team.
Hugely successful

Micro-pause & stretch break coaching tool

Protect your people from RSI and Musculoskeletal Disorders. Research shows over 80% of Wellnomics users experience wellbeing benefits.

Software monitors computer use and intervenes before overwork causes damage
Blends micro pauses with stretch breaks for optimal wellbeing
Provides real time computer use and wellbeing data for management team
Organization wellness

Management reporting

Monitor EHS risks levels across the organization.

Data automatically gathered from employee PCs
Each employee can see their own risk profile
Managers can identify high risk staff and causes of risk
Meaningful Wellbeing KPIs can be set and monitored in real time

Ergonomics training

Educate office workers on risks and optimal workstation set up.

Interactive graphics make learning fun
Comprehensive training takes only 20 mins per user
Content can be customized to user needs
System tracks who has completed the training
Quiz verifies learning has taken place

Workstation assessment

Enables office workers to complete their own Posture and Workstation assessments

Enables office workers to complete their own Posture and Workstation assessments
Management reports show team level results, risk factors and recommendations
Implemented in some of the worlds best companies

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