Staff working from home?

Manage the wellbeing of your staff remotely

Wellnomics provides the peace-of-mind you’re looking for.  Employees can work safely from anywhere, anytime.  EHS and management can ensure employee wellbeing across the organization including remote workers.

Applies the latest research on office ergonomics, wellbeing and performance.  Meets OSH guidelines in most countries.  ISO27002 and GDPR compliant.

Used by organizations to look after millions of employees worldwide.

Ensure staff wellbeing working from home
Remote workstation assessments and ergonomics training
Meet EHS requirements for all office workers - on-site or remote
Management reporting on wellbeing and compliance
Case Study

PwC targets musculoskeletal injuries with Wellnomics

“Wellnomics has brought in a completely different and better way of looking at our people’s workplace well-being."

Hugely successful

Stretch-break coaching tool

Protect your staff from RSI and musculoskeletal injuries. Reduce health risks of sedentary behaviour when working-from-home.

Ensure staff take regular breaks
Stretches & exercises
Ergonomics tips and personalized advice

Sit stand coaching tool

Unlock the true wellbeing benefits of sit-stand workstations. Proven by research to quadruple sit-stand workstation use.

Reminders to stand and sit at the right times
Automatically adjusts workstation to correct height
Feedback on how much you're improving
Organization wellness

Management reporting

Monitor EHS wellbeing across your organization.

Staff see personalized recommendations
Identify high risk staff
Set targets
Monitor wellbeing of remote staff

Ergonomics training

Self-guided ergonomics training for at-work and work-from-home staff

Interactive graphics make learning fun
See who's completed training
Meet best practice EHS guidelines

Workstation assessment

Self-assessment for at work or work-from-home office workers

Meets best practice guidelines
Step-by-step advice on resolving issues found
Management reporting on completion
Implemented in some of the worlds best companies

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Wellnomics is your solution for office worker wellbeing in a flexible working world