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World’s leading stand up app

Sit stand desk coaching software

Unlock the health and well-being benefits of sit-stand desks with stand up app software that actively coaches users towards optimal desk use. Research by Texas A&M University shows Wellnomics stand app software doubles sit-stand desk transitions per day.

Sit stand coaching is optimized by app in real time in response to user
Sit stand software monitors and adapts to actual use of sit stand desk
Sit stand desk settings (heights) follow hot desking/hotelling user
Provides real time sit stand desk use data for HSE management team
Hugely successful take a break app

Micro-pause & stretch break coaching software app

Wellnomics Repetitive Strain Injury software protects your employees from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and Musculoskeletal Disorders. Wellnomics take a break app has been proven by independent research. Over 80% of Wellnomics WorkPace software users experience ergonomic well-being benefits.

Software monitors computer use and intervenes before overwork causes RSI and musculoskeletal damage.
Software blends micro pauses with office stretches breaks for optimal ergonomic well-being.
App provides real time computer use and ergonomic health and well-being data for management team.
Office ergonomics and organization wellness app

Human factors and ergonomics Management Reporting

Monitor human factors and ergonomics risks levels right across your organization. Wellnomics ergonomic workspace management reporting software helps organizations to become an ISO 45001 certified employer. The software presents data on workplace ergonomic assessments, stretching at work, ergonomic issues in the workplace, sit stand desk use and other human factors to enable management of ergonomics in the workplace.

Human factors and ergonomics data automatically gathered from employee PCs
Each employee can see their own ergonomics in the workplace risk profile
Managers can identify staff with human factors and ergonomics issues and causes of workplace risk
Meaningful office ergonomics KPIs can be set and monitored by health and safety management in real time
Workstation ergonomics training for people working from home remotely during Covid-19

Remote Workstation Ergonomics Training

Provide office workers who are working from home with remote ergonomics and human factors training and guidance on optimal workstation ergonomic set up. During the Covid-19 pandemic, with office workers working from home, it is very challenging for health and safety teams to provide staff with ergonomics training and workplace ergonomic assessments. Wellnomics allows HSE teams to remotely assess workstation ergonomics and train your staff in human factors and ergonomic risks.

Interactive graphics make learning workplace human factors and ergonomics fun
Comprehensive ergonomic workstation training takes only 20 mins per user
Workstation ergonomic set up content can be customized to meet home worker needs
Wellnomics system tracks who has completed the online workplace ergonomic training
Workplace Ergonomic Quiz verifies remote ergonomic training has taken place
Assess Covid 19 home workers office ergonomics remotely

Online Workstation Ergonomic Assessment App

Wellnomics online workplace ergonomic assessment software enables office workers, who are working at home due to Covid-19 home working, to complete their own Workstation Posture and Workplace Ergonomics assessments online. Helping remote workers, with ergonomic checklists and advice, to create ergonomic workspaces at home and avoid human factors and ergonomic issues that can cause RSI repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal injuries.

Online workplace ergonomic assessments enable office workers who are working from home to complete their own Posture and Workstation assessments
Human factors and ergonomics management reporting of team level ergonomic issues, human factors risks and recommendations

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