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For people working remotely

Online ergonomics training + workstation assessment

Comprehensive ergonomic workstation training takes only 20 mins per user
Online workplace ergonomic assessments enable office workers who are working from home to complete their own Posture and Workstation assessments
EHS and ergonomics management reporting of team level ergonomic issues, risks and recommendations
Hugely successful take a break app

Wellnomics WorkPace stretch-break software

Monitors computer use and intervenes before overwork causes RSI and musculoskeletal damage.
Blends micro breaks with office stretches breaks for optimal ergonomic well-being.
Provides real time computer use and ergonomic health and well-being data for management
World’s leading sit-stand solution

Sit-stand coaching software

Sit stand coaching is optimized by app in real time in response to user
Monitors and adapts to actual use of sit stand desk
Provides data on sit-stand workstation utilization for HSE management
Office ergonomics management solution

Wellnomics Risk Management

Wellbeing and ergonomics data automatically gathered from employee PCs
Employees see advice on reducing their risks
Managers can identify high risk staff and track EHS actions taken