Home / Study shows working from home a ‘pain the back’

Wow! Working from home (WFH) has caused an extra 4 hrs a day sitting according to www.studyfinds.org/working-remotely-pain-in-backside, with 60% experiencing new aches & pains due to being so inactive they say.

We’ve all been trying to get staff moving and less sedentary – e.g. introducing sit stand workstations, regular breaks & stretches in the workplace, but looks like we’ve just gone backwards in a big way :-(. The only movement these people are doing is between their chair, couch and the bed!

I think we’ve all been expecting something like this as a result of WFH, but the health & wellbeing implications are concerning if this becomes the new norm.

There are some real ergonomics challenges here too – clearly just getting a good home office isn’t enough if you spend 50% of your time working on your couch or in bed…

I think we’re going to need a serious refocus towards activity and movement as the top priority for office work ergonomics in 2021.

Be interested to know what people think the right solution is to this new office ergonomics dilemma.

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