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COVID-19 work from home or self-isolation

Free workstation assessment

Wellnomics are making our world leading ergonomics assessment and training tools available FREE for those affected by COVID-19.

We don't want you getting more health problems working from home. Make sure your home office is set up right - get advice in minutes.

Track assessments for all staff

Manage staff at home

Team leaders - ask us to create a group so you can quickly track assessments for all you home working staff

See who needs help or extra equipment
Get staff to submit photos of their home office
Manage hundreds of home working staff from your laptop
We'll set it up for you in minutes
Compliance with privacy and security guidelines

GDPR compliant

The Wellnomics assessments are designed to comply with all applicable guidelines in Europe, North America and Australasia regarding privacy and storage and security of personally identifiable information (PII). Refer to links below or contact Wellnomics for more information regarding privacy compliance.

Wellnomics Privacy Policy
Standard terms and conditions for use

Note: Free access is provided to all online software ergonomic solutions for a period of 12 months, or as long as any COVID-19 work from home or self-isolation requirements remain in place.

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