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Individual Factors assessment

Individual Factors assessment

Individual Factors assessment

What other factors should be considered to identify those employees at high risk of developing discomfort or injury?

Each employee’s ability to cope with stress, workload and physical demands is different and factors such as personality type and physical fitness can also be important considerations to be aware of.

Online Self-Assessment

Through a short online employee questionnaire, Wellnomics Individual Factors Assessment helps you to evaluate some of the other factors that can contribute to an increased risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Individual Risk Report

Once the questionnaire is completed each employee receives a report shows their risk rating for their assessment, together with recommendations and advice on addressing any issues identified. For example, advice may be given on improving physical fitness, or on coping strategies for managing stress and workloads.

Management Reports

Management reports allow you to see the top risk factors present in your organisation, and to identify employees at risk for whom intervention may be needed.

Risk Factors Assessed
· High sensitivity to stress or over-commitment
· Low overall physical capacity to cope with work load due to:
– Low physical activity
– Low physical fitness
– Low muscle strength
· High tendency to continue working without breaks

The Individual Factors Assessment is part of the Wellnomics Risk Management solution. Data from this assessment is combined with other assessments (such as Symptoms, Psychosocial Factors, and Measurement of Computer Use and Breaks) to calculate overall risk levels for employees and the organisation.