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Reduce hand and arm strain by using Mouse ClickLock

If you do a lot of mouse dragging and selecting then you may like to try out the ‘ClickLock’ option. This feature enables you to drag objects, select blocks of text, or open menus, without having to hold down the mouse button.

Turning ClickLock on

  • Click Start button and type control panel
  • Click on the Control Panel app
  • Click Mouse
  • On Buttons tab under ClickLock section tick Turn on ClickLock.
  • Click OK.

To use ClickLock, just press and hold down the mouse button for a moment, and your click is locked. To release, simply click the mouse button again. Note you can adjust the amount of time you need to hold down the mouse button before it locks using the ClickLock Settings.

Warning: It will take a while to get used to ClickLock! ClickLock can enable accidentally when you don’t want it to sometimes, which can be a bit confusing. Try it out for a few days at least. If you still don’t find ClickLock helpful you can disable it again.