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Ergonomics Tip

Reduce hand and arm strain by changing your mouse click settings

Do you do a lot of work with files and folders? If so, you can halve the amount of mouse clicking you have to do by using single-clicks instead of double-clicks to open files and folders. See below for instructions on changing the Windows settings to achieve this.

  1. From Windows Start menu, select Documents icon to open the Documents folder.
  2. From menu click View, then click Options on the far right hand end) to display the Folder Options window
  3. In second section ‘Click items as follows’ change option to Single-click to open an item (point to select)
  4. We suggest you also select option Underline icon titles only when I point at them.
  5. Click OK.
How do I select items now?

You can no longer select an item by clicking on it, as a click will actually open the item. To just select an item, simply hover the mouse pointer over it. To select a list of items, hover your mouse over the first one, then hold down Shift and hover your mouse over the last item. This feature reduces your mouse clicking even further.