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Want to improve your wellbeing?

Use Wellnomics on your Android phone or tablet

Wellnomics for Android helps you stay healthy when using your mobile phone or tablet.

Avoid neck, arm and wrist pain by taking regular breaks, doing guided stretches and exercises, and limiting your mobile use each day.


  • Small popup reminders prompt you to take regular breaks from your phone.
  • Be reminded when you reach a preset limit of mobile use each day
  • Full screen break timer shows you when you’ve finished a break
  • Beautiful video exercises and stretches guide you in rejuvenating your muscles and refreshing your mind
  • See which apps you spend the most time on
  • Track how much you use your mobile each day
  • See how well you’re doing at taking breaks and keeping to your limits over time.
  • Track long term trends – see if you mobile use is getting better or worse over time.

Also integrates with the Wellnomics Risk Management solution.

Health working points coming soon – collect points for good behavior and compete against your friends to be the healthiest..


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